Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 2

Day 10 

Hello to my family members, friends, and TCU folks who read my blog,

It is the second Tuesday I have been in Sweden and I am sitting thinking about how thankful I am that I was sent to Malmo. What a wonderful city! Here is a short list of a few things I am thankful for so far in this journey:

1. Coffee - or Fika as the Swedes call it.
Fika is a synonym for coffee. Fika also can explain the time in which on sits and drinks coffee. Most business and schools have a break to enjoy coffee everyday. It is a tradition in Sweden. Coffee is taken very seriously here. It might be the best coffee (or hot chocolate) I have ever tasted. 

*(Limited experience on the coffee drinking however). 

2. Transportation
Malmo has a wonderful transportation system. From buses, trains, and walking paths, it is relatively easy to get anywhere in Malmo. Cassidy, Lauren, and I walk to and from our school everyday. Our walk is about 30 minutes and about 2 miles. On our way we pass many people walking and biking to class. I would love to live in a city where walking everywhere is possible and public transportation is easy to use for longer treks or bad weather days.

3. Stockholm
Cassidy and I had the opportunity to explore Sweden's capital city. We enjoyed walking the city and visiting wonderful museums and restaurants. Stockholm can not be summed up in a few sentences. I would recommend that everyone goes to see this wonderful city that rivals anywhere else I have been abroad! I would love to go back during the summer for a week!

4. Not having a phone
Yes. I did loose my phone in Stockholm. Don't let that discourage you from making a trip however. What I have learned in these past three days of not having a phone. I don't really need one even in a foreign country. It is a distraction. While I will miss the photos on my phone, I will not miss the constant need to check it. 

5. Students Playing
The school Cassidy, Lauren, and I have been placed at is an international IB program school located in Malmo with about 250 students. Students are from all over including but not limited to Australia, Sweden, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and Yugoslavia. While there is so much to be thankful for about being placed at this school, the way the students play is one of my favorite things. Students from roughly ages 5 to 15 play outside. They get three breaks a day to do this. One during their allotted time after lunch and two throughout the day depending on their grade level's schedule. Today I played soccer with 4th graders for 30 minutes. Sweden and our school recognizes the need to let kids out for "brain breaks". I am thankful to see this wonderful model that helps students succeed in the classroom.

6. Bachelor
Something a little silly that I am thankful for is the Bachelor. For those unaware, the Bachelor is a reality TV series on ABC. We found out recently that we can buy the episode on Amazon after they air it in the US. Something silly brought Cassidy, Lauren, and I a lot of joy. Thank you Amazon.

Thanks for reading and ignoring my spelling mistakes,

Smiling through the cold weather.


  1. Ah sounds so fun! Glad you're able to watch the bachelor!!! :) grace